Camp Common Folk 2017 : Wrap-up

    There’s no way to not sound cliche about it, but Camp 2017 was by far our biggest and best yet and there’ll be more (much more) of the same in 2018! This year we had 40-or-so faces make the trip down south to (we’re biased but it’s probably true) the best spot in Australia – Donnelly River – and share four days and nights of amazingness with a ton of other insanely talented wedding photographers from across the country.

    In a nutshell: Pizza parties, branding workshops, The Games (think like The Olympics but more prestigious), lighting workshops, six super incredible speaker presentations (responsible for many a notebook filling and inspiration), shooting workshops, album design workshops, ‘being personal’ workshops, (officially ‘a lot’ of workshops if you weren’t keeping count) and a final night party that saw either one too many or 40-too-few dinosaur appearances.

    Muchos thanks to this years speakers: Joel aka Barefoot & Bearded, Soph & Si aka Bayly & Moore, Jenna Mason, Niki Boon, Oli Sansom, and Tim & Grace aka Willow and Co. And also to the peeps that ran the awesome practical workshops: Leah Dent, Melissa Soraya, James Simmons, Renee Blake, and Lauren Jayne Hall & Bayly & Moore.

    Huge huge thanks to our major sponsor Vision Art who come aboard every year even though most people over here already use them (maybe because they’re actually the best?) and also to our other partners – Raw Digital Lab for sponsoring all of our Crash Courses (and thanks again just for being an epically good editing outsourcing company) & to Shoot Proof  & Flothemes for their awesome support of Camp 2017.

    We doubt any of you came here to read though, so scroll ever downwards to see some of what Camp Common Folk is all about – thanks to our stupidly great camp lens-people Olivia Davies & James Simmons . We’re already working on CCF 2018 so stay tuned in the new year – in the meantime we still have our monthly events and our 2017 xmas / end-of-year party.