April 16: Top Tips at Oxford Hotel

April 16: Top Tips at Oxford Hotel


Tuesday April 16 we’ll be upstairs at The Oxford Hotel, Leederville at 5pm for a 5:30pm kickoff. The speakers will chat for about 1-1.5 hours total and then we’ll head downstairs for hang-times and pizza (pizza is included in the ticket price).

Each of the speakers will be chatting for about 20-30 minutes each and giving a range of their hottest tips; from shooting to marketing to editing to communication to social media to… whatever they each feel is their hottest ten or so tips.

Super excited for our lineup - we’ve got Jodie Clifford from Merge who’s been shooting (and dominating) the Perth scene for over ten years; Ebony & Ben Staer who, aside from being Common Folk’s most photographed faces, are a killer photo & video team who are two of the most genuine (and talented) peeps on this sunny coast; and Freedom Garvey who covers off all of the aforementioned bigging-up, and might actually be the most joy-for-life person you’ll ever meet (here’s hoping she has a tip on how to be so freaking awesome).

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