July 2017 Event – Albums & Prints

    Tuesday July 18 at 5pm we’re back at the Oxford Hotel where we’re chatting all things albums & prints. Jimmy Teo (of Izo Photography fame) will be talking about why selling albums to your couples is always a good thing (for both you and your clients), and how he makes it a profitable and fulfilling part of his business; & Aimee Jones (owner of awesome print shop Fred Snow) will be dropping some knowledge & tips on understanding colour space, colour management and export settings to get freaking amazing prints (and why prints are so damn important!)

    So if you want to get into the world of albums & prints or just know more about it and push yourself to the next level – grab a ticket and we’ll see you there!

    Tickets are $30 and as always – you don’t have to have been to a Common Folk event before, or even know anyone, to attend. Just grab a ticket, rock up, and meet a bunch of like-minded people (and hang around after downstairs for mingling and drinks if you want).