June 2017 Event – Portraits

    Monday June 19 at 11am we’re heading to Friday Studios in West Perth where Tanya Volt will be doing a live shoot with a model and talking through her process of how she rocks the shit out of her portrait photography (our words not hers). So if you want to see how one of Perth’s best (soon to be one of Melbourne’s best) portrait / fashion / model photographers goes about her thing, come watch. Even if you’re not into model photography, it’s going to be pretty invaluable for how to smash amazing bridal portraits that aren’t just telling the bride to look to the left…

    Tickets are $30 and as always – you don’t have to have been to a Common Folk event before, or even know anyone, to attend. Just grab a ticket, rock up, and meet a bunch of like-minded people (and bring a camera along cos we have the studio until 2pm so we can smash out some portraits of each other for some hands-on goodness).